About Us

The founder has been in this trade since 2008 because of her passion to restore her bag collection. In 2010, The Bag and Shoe Aesthetics Pte Ltd, was established with the objective to Renew, Recycle and Revitalise our customer's precious and priceless treasures.

Our mission is to give our customer’s prized possessions a second chance to have a new look. Sometimes it is not the price of the item as some things are priceless for sentimental reasons. It could be a family heirloom.


  1. Why do we need to clean our bags and shoes?
    1. To kill harmful bacteria which promotes odours as well as mould and mildew.
    2. To maintain the natural lustre of the material.
    3. To extend the life span of the item.
  2. How often or when should we send items in for treatment?
    1. When the item is new in order to apply a protective coating to prevent water marks or other stains.
    2. On average, every six months to a year to maintain the item, due to the high humidity in our climate.
    3. After accidents that might have damaged the item such as ink, lipstick, food or beverage stains as well as colour transfer from clothing or other items.
    4. For mould treatment.
  3. When do we need to colour our items?
    1. When cleaning cannot remove the stains.
    2. When you are tired of the existing colour and want a different look.
    3. To make it look new again.
    Please kindly take note that when dye is applied to materials like canvas, patent or suede the feel of the item will be different.
  4. What kind of repairs you do?
    1. Replacement of spare parts such as buttons, zippers or studs.
    2. Altering of the length of the stripe.
    3. Change of the lining.
    4. Sewing a tear or damaged area.